About Midwestern Construction Services

Midwestern Construction Services, Inc. (MCS) was established in 2007 to provide design & construction services for both public & private sector entities & clients throughout the State of Florida.

Get To Know Us

As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), currently located in Ruskin, Florida, we provide a wide range of services associated with the development, delivery & close-out of Design/Build (D/B), Bid/Build (B/B) & Turn-Key Projects. During recent years, MCS has overseen the successful completion of numerous publicly & privately funded construction projects for clients operating in both major sectors of our country’s economy. The projects we have completed within these two economic sectors have differed greatly with regard to scope, type, scale, function & complexity. Through exposure to such project diversity, we have been able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the means & methods necessary to design, develop, execute & complete the projects we are awarded.

With respect to our project history within the public sector, our Company has worked extensively during recent years with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). While working with the DVA, we have been honored to accept opportunities to collaborate with facility representatives & end-users throughout most of the Department’s campuses & facilities within its Sunshine Healthcare Network, especially including those DVA properties located within & around Central Florida. Our work with the DVA has included providing & coordinating Construction Phase services for B/B projects & collaborating closely with our A/E team from Notice to Proceed through the completion of Close-Out Requirements when tasked with D/B project efforts.

What We Do

When working to achieve the goals & requirements related to the Projects we work to complete, we move forward by using an effective & simple approach that is centered upon the following fundamental objectives:

  • Define and assemble experienced teams that work to deliver superior results centered upon the concept of quality.
  • Strive to consistently display a determined desire to exceed the expectation of those we serve.
  • Accommodate client-driven changes during the course of executing individual task orders and contracts.
  • Facilitate a collaborative spirit during the course of the project . development and delivery process when working to complete task orders.

Meet Our Team

Martin E. Harper

Senior Program & Project Director
Midwestern Construction Services, Inc.
(813) 477-6986
[email protected]

Certified Building Contractor
Responsible for the execution of all contracts as the prime contractor. Responsible for developing overall project management strategy with design and project teams to execute design or bid/build construction projects. Monitor activities with the project team and ensure work is progressing as planned. Work with project team to effectively execute the work. Manage schedules, budgets, assets, and overall project organization to ensure requirements and project deliverable dates are clearly communicated, understood and completed on time. Direct several construction projects with one or more project managers under his guidance or as the primary Project Manager on a large-scale construction site. Effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize all deliverables and resources working project(s) based on scope of work and project goals. Actively monitor project risks and scope to anticipate/identify potential problems and proactively provide solutions to address each opportunity.

Bryan S. Harper

Program & Project Director
Midwestern Construction Services, Inc.
(813) 967-6239
[email protected]

Directly responsible for the execution of all Design & Construction activities on behalf of the Principal in Responsible Charge. Coordinates with Design Team, including Architect & Engineers, internal Design Manager/Technical Auditor & Construction Project Manager regarding day to day design & construction activities. Manages sub-contracts to ensure sub-contractors are accurately meeting the obligations based on the services identified within their Sub-Contractor Agreements & the requirements defined in the Project’s Scope. Manage schedules, budgets & assets to ensure requirements and project deliverable dates are completed on time. Actively monitor project risks and scope to anticipate/identify potential problems and proactively provide solutions to address each opportunity.

Charles Britch

Construction Project Manager & Scheduler Certified Framing Contractor
Midwestern Construction Services, Inc.
(813) 817-7562
[email protected]

Project scheduler that coordinates work of subcontractors working on various phases of the project. Oversees performance of all trade contractors and reviews architectural and engineering drawings to make sure that all specifications and regulations are being followed. Supervises assistant managers, reviews their reports, checks on any reported difficulties, and corrects any safety violations or other reported deficiencies. Tracks and controls construction schedule and associated costs to achieve completion of project on schedule. Reports to owners and architects progress and any necessary modifications of plans deemed necessary.

Kevin Barnes

On-Site Superintendent & Supervisor
Midwestern Construction Services, Inc.
(813) 957-6315
[email protected]

Provides overall construction site supervision & coordination of sub-contractors working on the project. Oversees performance of and supervises MCS’s in-house work force, reviews craftsmanship, checks on reported difficulties, and corrects any safety violations and other deficiencies.

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